K-6 Summer Day Camps

Camper Eligibility

Camp Elachee 2020 is presented by Elachee annual platinum sponsor Northside Hospital.
This weekly summer day camp is for children entering Kindergarten through 6th grade in the fall. Versión en español.

(Elementary) K-6 Camp Overview

Camp Elachee 2021 offers nine (9) weekly summer day camps for elementary ages. Pre-registration is required. Space is limited and is filled on a first-come basis.

Campers will enjoy a full outdoor camp experience with creek wading and walks, woodland hikes, themed nature study and games, learning silly camp songs, making crafts and nature discovery through visits from Elachee naturalists and special guest presenters. Camp activities may vary due to group age, group interest and weather conditions.

(Elementary) K–6 Camp Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

(Elementary) K–6 Camp Fees: $195 per child, per camp week

  • Elachee members receive a $20 per child per camp week discount.
    Your membership must be current for the camp weeks your child is attending to receive the member discount.
  • Camp Elachee Financial Aid
    Elachee supporters make possible financial assistance for Camp Elachee participants. Call 770-535-1976 to request a copy of the Camp Elachee financial aid guidelines and application. Requests are considered on a case-by-case basis. There is no guarantee of a financial aid award.

Camp Elachee 2021: (Elementary) Kindergarten–6th Grade

June 1-4: Taking Flight

Campers will soar through the high-altitude worlds of all things flying – birds, insects, bats and more. What makes owl feathers unique? How do you tell a robin call from the call of a bluebird? Why are pollinator insects so important to protect? Learn all of this and more at Camp Elachee!

June 7-11: Forest Forensics

Campers will explore the mysteries of the forest, including scat, animal tracks, camouflage and the various adaptations that allow animals to thrive in their various habitats. Join us as we gather clues to uncover the mysteries in our own backyards!

June 14-18: Going Galactic

3…2…1… Blast off! Camp Elachee is going to the final frontier! Learn about the mysteries of space- like what is an eclipse, why is Pluto no longer a planet and what makes our planet earth so special? Get your astronaut helmets ready for a week of space exploration.

June 21-25: Green and Growing

Branch out and explore the world of plants and trees. Georgia is a unique state for its diversity of plant life. Join us to explore the concepts of gardening for food, beekeeping, pollinator gardens and tree identification!

June 28-July 2: Aquatic Adventures

Hold your breath and go down deep! This week we will be exploring all things aquatic- fish, macroinvertebrates that inhabit our streams, water quality and watersheds. Campers will spend lots of time in Walnut Creek and will enjoy of water-filled fun.

July 5-9: Backwoods Explorers

Could you survive in the woods with no electricity and no technology? This week campers will put their survival skills to the test, with activities like shelter building, orienteering, tracking and the basics of wilderness survival!

July 12-16: Prehistoric Palooza

Go back in time to the land of the dinosaurs and mammoths. Explore what it was like for the people and creatures in the prehistoric era of North America and the ways scientists can study them. Dig for ‘fossils,’ learn about rocks and minerals and how they’re formed, and how to hunt a mammoth!

July 19-23: Curious Crawlers

No backbone required! Join us this week for all things that creep, slither, crawl, and squirm. Campers will explore the world of insects, arachnids, cephalopods, reptiles, and amphibians. Visit our resident reptiles and amphibians, learn what it means to be an arachnid, why slugs are slimy and how snakes ‘see’ with their tongues!

July 26-30: Camp Rewind

Summer is almost over but we’re not done just yet! Want a sample of all that Camp Elachee offered this summer or want a second dose of a favorite activity? Sign up for camp rewind week to experience many of Camp Elachee’s most enjoyed topics and activities.


Camp Elachee meets the requirements and standards for ‘exemption status’ from the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning’s Bright from the Start. Attendance policies for Pre-Kindergarten require that each child will attend no more than four (4) hours per day.