Camp Elachee in Motion

Week 4: Move It!

High energy in the high heat characterized this action-packed, adventure-filled week. Campers discovered how people and plants get and use energy to move. See photo gallery.

‘Guiding’ them on this journey was 'Imadoctor' and her trusty nurse who astonishingly turned into a plant (ha ha) right before the campers’ eyes each day!

 Campers take a hike across the newly constructed Elachee Creek bridge in the Chicopee Woods Nature Preserve, Gainesville, GA.This week’s campers were the very first to enjoy walking across the newly constructed Elachee Creek bridge connecting Elachee Creek Trail with the Dodd Trail. Camp Elachee C.I.T. Nick Harkins completed this Eagle Scout project two days before this week’s camp began. A few hundred yards down the trail, Nick and his team also replaced weathered benches with newly built picnic tables. 

“Campers were excited to walk over Mr. Nick’s bridge,” shares Camp Elachee 2016 Director Ciara Frakes. “We had been avoiding this trail in earlier camps. But now, we’re all happy to have a new trail to explore with our campers and a new place on the trails to eat lunch!”

Highlights from the Week

Through bandaid tag, creating their own x-rays and nature art using chlorophyll rubbings, gathered leaves and dirt, campers learned the similarities and differences between people and plants. They also tasted the rainbow, choosing among ROY-G-BIV colored vegetables making the connection that food is an energy source.

Campers had great fun and team building competitions on scavenger hunts throughout the week. They dug ‘parts of the skeleton’ along the Dodd Trail and found real treasure in Elachee Creek (artifacts from petrified wood to arrow heads, donated by one of the Elachee Education Programs team).

“Counselors reported that even the youngest groups set and met goals, building each other up through encouragement and working together,” explained Ciara.

The week’s activities were capped off by launching home-made rockets, crafted from 2-liter bottles. Each camp team made a rocket to ‘launch into Elachee History.’ All teams received awards ranging from the rocket that went the highest to the one completing its mission by launching and landing with the least amount of damage to the original design.

Up Next?

The June 27-July 1 camps for Pre-K, Elementary and Middle School are full.

Looking ahead, register your child for the special 4-day July 5-8 Fire and Ice-themed Pre-Kindergarten or Elementary (k-5th) camp where campers will ‘experience’ extreme climates and weather, and learn how plants and animals adapt.

For adventurous Middle Schoolers (6th-8th), we are also accepting registrations for the special 4-day July 5-8 Elachee on the Road-themed camp that includes a guided hike up Stone Mountain, kayaking, visiting a local zoo and Lake Lanier, and hiking Yonah Mountain.

Camp Elachee: Where Nature is the Adventure

Camp Elachee 2016 goes through July 29. Registration is now open online for remaining summer day camp themed weeks for Pre-K and Elementary (K-5th) and Middle Schoolers (6th-8th). Or call 770-535-1976 to register your child. 

Camps are held at Elachee Nature Science Center in North Georgia's Chicopee Woods Nature Preserve, Gainesville, GA.