A Rare Sight in Chicopee Woods

Newsflash: there are fruiting PawPaw trees along the Dodd Trail in Chicopee Woods Nature Preserve! So? This is a rare sight.A rare sight...fruiting PawPaw trees in Chicopee Woods Nature Preserve along the Dodd Trail.

A very desirable addition to any landscape due to their beauty and the medicinal qualities of the fruit, PawPaws require a male and female tree to pollinate, then fruit. If that isn’t challenge enough, these trees need plenty of sunlight.

This stand of PawPaws along the Dodd Trail are historically under deep tree canopy cover. Yet, because there were a number of downed trees that cleared that canopy in recent years, this area is bathed in more sunlight.

The nature experts at Elachee Nature Science Center feel that this season’s fruit bearing PawPaws are likely a combination of this increase in sunlight and successful cross pollination between male and female trees.

Whatever the reason, it’s incentive to come to hike the Elachee trails to find and witness this miracle of nature.