A Kindergarten Field Trip to Elachee

One of the best things about working at Elachee is that we get the opportunity to share our love of nature and the outdoors with school children. 

On a beautiful November day we were visited by a group of kindergartners from Chattahoochee Elementary in Forsyth County. Their program topic that day was the five senses and how animals use these senses to survive. 

One of the activities involved using our sense of hearing to listen to the sound made by a hand-held shaker. When the children were instructed to shake their sound makers, one little boy took it a step further and showed all of us exactly how to “shake it” with dance moves that would put Elvis Presley to shame. 

How fun to see the joyful silliness of that child enjoying his field trip in Chicopee Woods! 

The teacher had this to say in a subsequent email: “Our kindergarten team had a blast! We were so impressed with the hands-on learning and the day was just beautiful.” 

Thanks, Chattahoochee Elementary; we had a blast too!

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