A Fast 40 Years!

Message from Andrea Timpone, Elachee President/CEO

The past 40 years have flown by! Can you believe it? Elachee is turning 40 in 2019. Andrea Timpone, Elachee President/CEO

It started as a grassroots movement four decades ago. Since becoming incorporated February 23, 1979, Elachee Nature Science Center has thrived during this time thanks to the nurturing passions, work and financial support of friends like you! ELACHEE HISTORY

I am delighted to present the year-end edition of Nature Mixed In (Elachee’s November 2018 newsletter) and Elachee’s annual highlights, 2018 By the Numbers (a noteworthy report summarizes the work we do in conservation and education).

Elachee Annual Highlights: 2018 By the NumbersAs a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, Elachee relies on your financial support to sustain current operations. This organization is fortunate to ‘earn’ 65% of its operating income through school field trips and seasonal nature education programs, but we continously work to also ‘earn’ the remaining 35% from donated support.

My hope is the details shared within the November newsletter and 2018 By the Numbers will earn your confidence and inspire your continued financial support. Please give generously to continue the success and work ahead.

Will you support Elachee’s important nature education and conservation efforts with a year-end donation? Enclosed is an easy-to-use annual gift envelope, or you can make a secure online gift at elachee.org/donate. We will promptly acknowledge your tax-deductible donation.

When the oak is felled, the whole forest echoes with its fall, but a hundred acorns are sown in silence by an unnoticed breeze. – Thomas Carlyle

What Your Dollars Can Do

Your annual fund donation of...

  • $1,000 ... Could buy one year of food for Elachee’s resident Red Tailed Hawk or sponsor five Elachee Science Nights.
  • $500... Could pay for one PreK-12 class to participate in an Elachee nature education field trip or buy lumber for a hiking trail bridge repair.
  • $300... Could enable two children to attend Camp Elachee for a week of summer day camp or buy craft supplies  for 1,000 campers this summer.
  • $100... Could replace an aging utility wagon that will last five years or provide six months of food for the demonstration bee hive exhibit.
  • $50... Could replenish yearly first aid kit supplies for one Naturalist leading field trips at Elachee or feed a resident turtle for three months.

Ways to Support Elachee

LEARN MORE: elachee.org/support

Elachee Nature Science Center Wish ListAs always, Elachee needs you and thanks you!